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   Welcome to Birchwood at Spring Lake

       Security Gate Manned 24/7/365

 (631) 924-0063 Security Gatehouse Phone

The Security Gate is manned 24/7/365 by a Professional Privare Security Contractor as determined by the HOA Board. The guards are trained to follow certain procedures for the safety of Birchwood Residents.

The Gate House Procedures are listed below as approved by the HOA Board in March 2012. Guards must follow these procedures as specified by the Board of Directors.

You may click on the link to download and print the procedures or read them as posted below on this page.

Click Below To Download View& Print A  Copy of the Gatehouse Rules


Gatehouse Procedures Rev 04-05-12.pdf

        Click Below For The Gatehouse Permanent Guest List Form


Gatehouse Permanent Guest List Form 04-06-12.pdf



             500 Birchwood Park Drive Middle Island, NY 11953

                           (631) 924-7378 fax (631) 924-1491


he Birchwood at Spring Lake HOA (Association) Gatehouse policies and procedures were designed to provide a logical and comfortable degree of controlled access to Birchwood with a minimum of inconveniences to you
and your visitors. 

Our Gate Attendants need your cooperation in order for them to best serve you. In general, if you are expecting guests, please notify the Gate Attendant and provide him or her with proper instructions. This is particularly important if you will not be at home when these visitors are expected to arrive.

If you experience problems with the Gatehouse service or personnel, please notify the Management Office (924-7378) of the date and time the problem occurred. Please do not contact the Gate Attendants or his or her supervisors directly.

The Gate Attendants have been instructed to follow the policies and procedures outlined below. Please do not ask them to deviate from these requirements. It is not practical for them to keep track of special procedures for individual residents.

Please take the time to review these policies and procedures with your family.                   BIRCHWOOD GATEHOUSE (631) 924-0063


NEW RESIDENTS: Please visit the management office at Eastview Clubhouse to obtain your resident’s gate pass.  When entering Birchwood, as a courtesy, please stop at the Gatehouse and introduce yourself to the gate attendant on duty.  

NEW GATE ATTENDANTS: As a courtesy, we ask that you acknowledge the residents as they enter the community.  Parking for Attendants is in the designated area on Eric Drive only; no cars are permitted to park in front or behind the Gatehouse.  Gate Attendant shall not entertain visitors while on duty, or permit friendly residents to loiter around Gatehouse area.

GATE ATTENDANT SAFETY: For the safety of our Gate Attendants, please slow down when entering and exiting Birchwood.


GENERAL POLICY: The Gate Attendant will detain all guests, delivery people, etc. at the visitor’s gate and ask for a photo ID when necessary. The Gate Attendant will phone you for permission to admit your visitors, UNLESS THEY ARE ON YOUR PERMANENT GUEST LIST. If no one is home, the visitors will not be admitted unless you have made arrangements in advance.

If you have not provided a list of visitors, such as friends, nonresident family members, service personnel, etc. to the Gate Attendant, he or she will detain them and call you for permission to admit them. If they are not on the list, these visitors will be detained no matter how often they visit.

NOTIFICATION OF GATE ATTENDANTS: We encourage you to notify the Gate Attendant, in advance, when you are expecting guests. Please inform the Gate Attendant at that time if you do not want to be called when you guest arrives.

You are asked to notify the Gate Attendant if:

• You are expecting a guest who is not on your permanent list

• You do not want your guests detained while the Gate Attendant calls you

• You are having a party, in which case you must provide a guest list, in writing

• You are expecting delivers of food, furniture, packages, flowers, etc.

• You are expecting construction work or repair personnel on your property

• You are expecting a Real Estate Agent or potential buyer

• You are expecting service personnel such as health aides, housekeepers, etc.

• You are expecting utility company workers, moving company personnel, etc.

PERMANENT LIST: You may establish a Permanent Visitors List at the Gatehouse. This list may be used for frequent visitors, such as family members, health aides, caretakers, etc. If a visitor is on the permanent list, the Gate Attendant will admit him or her whether you are home or not.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Parties on the Permanent List will be admitted even if no one is home. (You May Download the permanent guest list form above)

GUEST LIST: You may establish a Guest List at the Gatehouse. This list may be used for visitors, such as friends, service personnel, etc. If a visitor is on the Guest List, the Gate Attendant will NOT admit him or her unless you are home and give permission or call the gatehouse to notify the Guard that they will be coming in.  You must notify the Gate Attendant when you are having a party, and provide an alphabetized guest list in writing – not by phone.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Parties on the Guest List will be admitted ONLY if someone is home.

We encourage you to update your Permanent List and Guest Lists as needed.


NOTIFY GATE ATTENDANT: If you are expecting an emergency vehicle (fire truck, ambulance, Sheriff, etc.), please notify the Gate Attendant so he or she will be prepared to direct it to your home. 


GENERAL DELIVERIES: The Gate Attendant may NOT accept deliveries. If there is no one home, the Gate Attendant will refuse entrance to delivery persons.  If you are expecting a delivery please make sure you will be home when delivery is to take place.

FOOD DELIVERIES (Pizza, etc.): All food deliveries will be admitted only if the driver has a name and phone number. The Gate Attendant will call to announce the delivery. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, PLEASE NOTIFY THE GATE ATTENDANT IF YOU ARE EXPECTING A FOOD DELIVERY.

FLOWERS AND OTHER PERISHABLES: The Gate Attendant will call to verify that someone is home. If there is no answer, the driver will not be admitted. The Gate attendant will not accept the flowers or food at the gatehouse. They will not be left with a neighbor unless you provide specific instructions to do so. If you are expecting a flower or food delivery and no one will be at home to accept them, please notify the Gate Attendant and provide instructions.

APPLIANCE/FURNITURE DELIVERIES: All Delivery trucks will be given written notice by the Gate Attendant regarding dumpster policy stating that all large bulk materials such as discarded furniture, mattresses, and white goods (appliances such as stoves, washers, dryers, dish washers, refrigerators) shall not be placed in dumpsters.  All delivery personnel found in violation will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


REAL ESTATE AGENTS: All Real Estate Agents will be logged in. They must present a valid driver’s license or other picture ID and a business card or other proof of employment and must accompany the perspective buyers/renters at all times.

OPEN HOUSES: Open houses for the general public are permitted at any time. All Open House realtor signs must be placed on the south side of Middle Country Road (Route 25) across from the Birchwood entrance.  No signs are permitted on the north side of the road on Birchwood Property.  Realtor signs and phone numbers are not permitted on the property. Balloons are permitted at the open house to mark the designated home.


CONTRACTORS: All Contractors who are working for the HOA, must sign in and out at the Management office whenever performing services on site which are being paid for by the HOA.  

All other Contractors must show ID at the gate per the above guidelines.

CONSTRUCTION REGULATIONS: Construction Contractors are strictly forbidden to dispose of construction materials in community dumpsters.  Any Contractor found to be in violation will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 


MOVING IN OR OUT: You must notify the Gate Attendant if you are expecting a moving company, especially a moving company with a large vehicle. No moving company vehicles or personnel will be admitted under any circumstances, without prior notification from you. Any damage to the Association’s private streets by a large moving van or vehicle will ultimately be the responsibility of the property owner to repair in the event the moving company does not accept responsibility for the damage.

EMPLOYEES: Birchwood Employees will be provided with Identification badges which must be shown to Gate Attendant upon using Visitor’s gate.  Birchwood must provide and regularly update a list of current employees and vehicle license numbers.  


TRAFFIC CONTROL: The Gate Attendant will instruct all visitors to observe the 25 MPH speed limit.

POLICE & PROCESS SERVERS: The Gate Attendant is not permitted to deny access to Officers of the Law on official business and/or process servers and officers of the court for service of court documents and legal related process.  
DISTURBING THE PEACE: If you are disturbed by noise such as loud music or parties, please notify the Gate Attendant and call the Suffolk County Police Department.

UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY: If a Gate attendant asks your visitor to pull to the side of the gatehouse and wait while he or she calls you and the visitor does not wait, the Gate Attendant will inform you of the situation and that an unauthorized guest is on the way to your home. If someone is home and gives permission, no further action, other than an incident report, will be required. If no one is home and you have not authorized this visitor, the Gate Attendant will call the Suffolk County Police Department and write an incident report. This visitor may be subject to arrest for trespassing.

SUFFOLK COUNTY POLICE DEPARTMENT: For most problems, such as peace disturbance or illegal entry, the Gate Attendant will assist you, if requested, to contact the Police Department. Residents who have an emergency should call 911 directly or contact the Suffolk County Police Department non-emergency number at 631-852-COPS (852-2677).
Rev 04-05-12