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Schedule resumes on Thursday Sept. 17th, at 7:00 p               

Thursday Evening – 7:00 p.m. Eastview Clubhouse Lounge
Line dancing was started at the Eastview Clubhouse twelve years ago and it is presently being hosted by the following residents: 

Lillian Ingvaldsen ,Ann Trinca
Jim Conklin , Bob and Mona Treanor
Ed and Terry Handibode

Some of the dances we will be doing:
Old Bones (sung by George Burns), Italian Lindy, Boots                           
scoots boogie Bus Stop, and many more.
By Ed Handibode

“You have rigidity in your personality that I feel may be broken down with
the rhythm of dancing.  Dancing is nothing more than permission you give
yourself to appear a little foolish.” 

Diagnosis by an Unknown Doctor 

Over thirty years ago I was in conversation with a man who told me that
when he was in rehab for acute alcoholism a doctor offered him the advice
quoted above. The man added that he did in fact dance at the rehab center
and it did offer him a lot of freedom from the fear of making mistakes.  

Think about it – when we are afraid of making mistakes there is a physical
reaction our behavior becomes rigid and the body stiffens to a degree.  

When we dance, our rump may be swinging back and forth and we may
feel foolish as a result. If we can push through this feeling of awkwardness, however,freedom may occur.  The conversation I had with this man motivated me to the point where I asked Terry to take dancing lessons with me.  Terry was a natural but there was definitely much awkwardness through which I had to push myself.Motivation, however, remained high and we’ve danced for many years.  

As a kid I thought dancing was somewhat effeminate and I also had a fear of making mistakes.  The lessons helped me overcome this nonsense.  In fact, afew years ago a newspaper article stated that the United States Marine Corps had adopted aerobic dancing in its physical fitness program and other branches of the military soon followed suit.  

I’m not entirely free of the fear of making mistakes but I’ve come a long way. Dancing can be almost like an out of body experience – hence the title of this Dancing certainly takes me “out of myself.”  I feel less self-conscious and I tend to forget the cares of the day.  

In the words of an old Country/Western song:

       Life’s a dance, you learn as you go. 
       Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow. 
       Don’t worry about what you don’t know. 
       Life’s a dance, you learn as you go. 
Now in the crepuscular (twilight) time of my life I hope it may still
be said of me:"There’s a dance in the old boy yet."

Please join us on Thursday Nights for some fun and dancing!

Birchwood at Spring Lake, Resort Living Without The Resort Price!