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The "Westview Club" Outdoor Pool


1. You must shower before using the pool.

2. An adult resident with valid clubhouse pass must accompany all guests at all times. Guests 0 are limited to 5 per household unless an overcrowding situation exists when limits may be lowered.

3. Children under 14 years will not be admitted to the pool area unless accompanied by a resident adult who shall be responsible for their safety and proper conduct.

4. The following are prohibited in the pool area:

        Bottles, glassware or any other items of a breakable nature
        Chairs, furniture or similar equipment except where furnished by the HOA
        Water fins, floats, scuba equipment & similar swimming items
        Dogs, cats or other pets
        Ball playing, Frisbee or similar games
        Diving or jumping from the sides of the pool
        Horseplay, pushing, shoving dunking or running
        Swimming after dark or when pool is closed
        Changing of diapers

5. Any person not toilet-trained must wear swimming diapers

6. Clubhouse staff has full authority to expel or discipline any violators of the pool    regulation posted signs, or any person whose conduct is objectionable.

7. HOA reserves the right to close the pool for maintenance, inclement weather or sanitary reasons.

8. Eating & smoking is restricted to table equipped decks only

9. Use of swimming pools, saunas and all other facilities are strictly at the risk of the user.

Hours are 8a-7:30p weekdays- Saturday 8am to 6:30 pm Sundays 10am -6:30pm

These rules are available in the clubhouse in the bins and are set by the HOA Board.