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            Provided by your HOA, Board of Directors
    Michael Habich,  HOA Director,  Website Administrator           

Would you like to view the HOA Board meeting minutes?

Are you a snowbird and can't get the minutes over the winter months?

Do you hate hunting down minutes at the clubhouses?

Minutes are the property of the HOA Board. Once approved for release to the public they will be scanned into a downloadable .PDF file and posted on this page.

Minutes are for Birchwood at Spring Lake HOA Residents ONLY. Any unauthorized use of these minutes is prohibited!

           Click on the link below to view the minutes as a .pdf

        2015 HOA Board Meeting Minutes


January 12th, 2015


Minutes Feb. 9th, 2015


Minutes March 9th, 2015


Minutes April 9 2015


Minutes May 15 2015


Minutes June 11th, 2015


Minutes July 16th, 2015


Minutes August 10 2015.pdf


Minutes Sept 28 2015.pdf


Minutes November 9th, 2015


Minutes December 14th 2015

         2016 HOA Board Meeting Minutes


Minutes January 11th,2016


Minutes Feb. 8th, 2016


Minutes March 14, 2016


Minutes April 11th, 2016


Minutes May 9th, 2016


Minutes 5-11-16


Minutes 6-7-16


Minutes 6-13-16


Minutes July 11th, 2016


Minutes August 8th, 2016


Minutes Sept. 6, 2016


Minutes Sept. 12, 2016


Minutes Oct. 3rd 2016


Minutes Oct. 25th, 2016


Minutes Nov. 11 2016


Minutes Dec 12, 2016

        2017 HOA Board Meeting Minutes


Minutes January 9th, 2017


Minutes Feb 6th, 2017


Minutes March 20, 2017


Minutes April 10 2017


Minutes May 8th, 2017


Minutes May 17th, 2017


Minutes June 12th 2017


Minutes July 10, 2017


Minutes August 14th, 2017


Minutes September 11, 2017


Minutes Oct 16,2017


Minutes Nov 13th, 2017


Minutes Nov 20th, 2017 Budget

                        December 2017 No Board Meeting

      2018 HOA Board Meeting Minutes


Minutes Jan 8th, 2018


Minutes Feb 12,2018


Minutes March 12,2018



Thanks to HOA Secretary for sending the minutes for the BSL website for ease of use to our residents!

                              Need Help??????????????????

If you have questions or problems viewing, printing or downloading the minutes please feel free to call me for assistance.

     I'm listed in the Birchwood Phone Directory.

     Michael HabichHOA Director, Treasurer

                  Website Administrator

          Need a free copy of Adobe .pdf Reader? Click the link below.