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Visit Our Billiard Room at Westview!

           2013 Birchwood Billiards Club

Pictured Left to Right. 

President:  Phil Giannico
Rules Committee Members: Bob Lerch,Joe Maietta, Sal Evola, Don Ording,
Chair, Rules Committee, Sam Shenhouse 
Past President- Bob Lerch

Contact Phil Giannico at: 205-1589 for membership and other information.

History & Club Information:

The Billiards Club was started in 2003 by Bill Avallone. Shortly thereafter Lenny Nussbaum became the first President, Buddy Ricciardi was Vice President and Joe Maietta Secretary. The Rules Committee was established in 2004 .The four committee members at that time were Don Ording, Bill Levine, Sal Evola and Sam Shenhouse and myself as chair. In 2010 Sam Shenhouse became Chairman and we added Bob Lerch to the Committee. The Club consists of approximately 125 members,about 50 are active, the most recent members to join are Dave Delise and Al Kellner, the Membership fee is initially $20.00 . It costs $10 to sign up for a tournament & we usually have three prizes,First, Second and Third place finishes. We have an awards ceremony at the end of each tournament. Pizza and soda served right after the awards are given out. Everybody really enjoys the pizza party. 

Their have been three recognition awards given,one to Bill Avallone for his hard work in organizing the Club and for running the Tournaments and Lenny Nussbaum for being the first President and getting the Club off and running and Philip Giannico as Chairman of the rules committee from 2004 to 2007 and President from 2007 to 2010.

The games are played on Monday and Wednesday from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.


Birchwood at Spring Lake, Resort Living without the Resort Price.