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           Women's Club Luncheon

                                              by Kathy Giannico

Paid up membership luncheon and fashion show held on Oct 13,2014 at Majestic Gardens with fashions by Dress Barn  

   County To Sell Land Opposite BSL Gate

I write to let the Birchwood community know about an important opportunity to preserve a parcel directly across the street from your community's entrance.  The Birchwood community can contact SC Executive Steve Bellone to try to save this parcel from auction.

Gail Baily
Middle Island Civic Association

This 6.1 acre parcel in Middle Island is one of several the TOB is asking Suffolk County NOT to auction off on October 28-30, 2014 for back taxes.  It is a pristine woodland that borders Rt 25/MCR. It is in the Compatible Growth Area of the Pine Barrens and close to the boundary of the Carmans River watershed.  It would, with a few additional acquisitions, serve to connect the proposed MI hiking trail between Cathedral Pines County Park and the TOB's Twin Ponds Nature Preserve holdings. Please contact SC Executive Steve Bellone and ask him to preserve this land and the others identified by Brookhaven as being environmentally sensitive and worthy of protection against future development.

County Exec Bellone Phone: (631) 853-4000

    Birchwood Author Available on Amazon

                                                    by Frank Matzen

I am pleased to announce the release of my book, “THE LONG AND THE SHORT OF IT - A Collection of Fiction”. The book can be purchased on Amazon.com. All of the royalties from this book will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project

      Halloween 2014 Community Events

                                                   by Mary Ann Perlowski

Halloween Party and Children's Halloween Parade

Thanks to the Community on behalf of the Entertainment Committee. Both were a huge success.  We sold 134 tickets for the party and served 250 hot dogs on Sunday.

        New Golf Course Bunker Work

                                                   by Frank Matzen

The two green-side sand traps (#8 & #9) are under reconstruction by the golf committee. They are much smaller, but will likely be no less troublesome if one comes up short hitting to the green. With the steep grassy slope surrounding them, both traps will likely still collect many golf balls.



   Real Estate Report ....3rd Quarter 2014

                                                 by Tom Annunziato

This has been a good year for Birchwood residents selling their homes this year. As of September 20th we have had 25 homes close and have an additional 12 under contract. We have 28 homes available.

The good news is that the days on the market on the properties have been cut down from 146 in 2013 to 120 days in 2014. It also appears that the sales prices are higher. Last year 32 properties sold. So our community appears to be having an increased value along with a greater outside interest to live in Birchwood.

If you would like more information about the current market or to receive a market value  report on your home feel free to call me anytime . I am just doors away!  Coach Realtors 631-331-3600 ext. 118 

                                 *All data is from the Multiple Listing Service Of Long Island

              BSL Golf Putting Contest

                                                           By Jim Byrne

Gary Ording and  Kathy Dooley- front nine Rozalia Stone and Jerry Elie - back nine Lois & Mike Lisa- overall winners


                                 by Fran Gentleman, HOA President

TRENDS AND FORCASTS   By the time you read this many of you will have already attended the HOA informational meeting and will be aware of some upcoming changes.  In an effort to provide the community with the most efficient, comprehensive and budget friendly management services, the Board of Directors (BOD) have been investigating, interviewing and checking references on three very good management companies. After much discussion and deliberation, we have chosen Precision Management Group, beginning service to the community the first of the year.  According to their website they are dedicated to providing hands-on, property management to each of their clients. Their dedication and expertise have continuously provided cost savings and award winning property management services to a vast number of properties. After meeting with the owner and visiting their back office we are convinced that this is true.  As we begin to transition from one company to the other you will undoubtedly see Vince Occhipinti, company president, out and about the community as he is very excited to begin working with us.  Please welcome Vince and his staff if you see them.  More to come as the transition progresses.

In other news, the BOD, in conjunction with the Finance Committee, is about to begin the budget process for next year.  As always, we will attempt to create a fair and honest budget that will afford the community the best of services while keeping the common charges in mind.  The insurance assessment from last year is coming to an end and it appears that we have been able to negotiate a better insurance price for this year.  This is a result, in part, from the safety precautions instituted over the past few months including clubhouse cameras and closing the clubhouses when unsafe weather conditions exist.

There will be many other matters to report over the next few months, not the least of which is the repair of the Eastview Clubhouse.  Last month I tried to convey the extent of damage and the cost of repair.  The BOD has been exploring and discussing a variety of options regarding repair and funding and will be reaching out to the community in gathering your thoughts and opinions regarding those options. So for now,  enjoy the crisp fall air, the changing foliage and have a Happy Halloween!  

       Birchwood Blood Drive Information

                                                 by Fran Gentleman

The residents of Birchwood have again stepped forward for the annual blood drive. 
This year’s numbers areas follows:

Registered donors                           36
Deferred donors                               4
Automated red celldonors                 6 = 12
Whole blood donors                         26

Total units donated                        38 

Thank you to all whodonated and a special thank you to all the volunteers listed below who sogenerously gave of their time and effort.

Bunny Agers
Alice Byrne
Jeanne Carle
John Carricato
Renee Green
Lois Lisa
Mike Lisa
Mary Ann Perlowski
Ted Perlowski
Betty Schuster
Bari Weiss 

                       A Dreamers View....by Ed Handibode


A Mafia Godfather finds out that his bookkeeper, Guido, has cheated him out of $10,000,000.00. His bookkeeper is deaf. That was the reason he got the job in the first place. It was assumed that Guido would hear nothing and would therefore never have to testify in court. When the Godfather goes to confront Guido about the missing $10 million, he takes along his lawyer, who knows sign language. The Godfather tells the lawyer, "Ask him where the money is." The lawyer, using sign language, asks Guido, "Where's the money?" Guido signs back, "I don't know what you are talking about." The lawyer tells the Godfather, "He says he doesn't know what you are talking about." The Godfather pulls out a pistol, puts it to Guido's head and says, "Ask him again.  If he refuses to tell you I'll kill him!" The lawyer signs to Guido, "He'll kill you if you don't tell him." Guido trembles and signs back, "OK! You win! The money is in a brown briefcase, buried behind the shed at my Cousin Bruno's house." The Godfather asks the lawyer, "What did he say?" The lawyer replies, "He says you don't have the balls to pull the trigger." Don’t you just love lawyers?


I've learned that pleasing everyone is impossible but pissing everyone off is a piece of cake.    Condoms don’t guarantee safe.  A friend of mine was wearing one when he was shot by the woman’s husband.   I think it is just terrible and disgusting how everyone has treated Lance Armstrong, especially after what he achieved, winning 7 Tour de France races while on drugs.  When I was on drugs, I couldn't even find my bike.   A guy broke into my apartment last week.  He didn’t take my TV, just the remote.  Now he drives by and changes the channels. Sick bastard!

             BSL Golf Club Champions

                                                  Photo by Jim Byrne

The 2014 Club Championship weekend winners pose after the two day event.

         Flooding from 200 Year Storm Soaks Birchwood

                                                 Photos by Frank Matzen

Alexandra Lane Flooding

Westview Pool and First Fairway

               BSL Baking Class

                                            Photo by Kathy Giannico

Lisa the Baking Coach. Learn to make appetizers with Puff Pastry & Pretzel Dough.

     Birchwood Online Network Returns!

                                    by Karen Olsen

The "BSL RESIDENT NETWORK" is a Facebook Group replacing the former Birchwood Discussion Group.

The purpose of the Group is to facilitate exchange of information and general discussion between Birchwood Residents. Residents wishing to join the "BSL RESIDENT NETWORK" should contact the Group Administrator, Karen Olsen at Karols123@aol.com.

Only residents who are members of the "BSL RESIDENT NETWORK" can access the Group's Facebook page to view, post or comment.

Summer BBQ at the Eastview Clubhouse

                                            by Kathy Giannico


    East view Clubhouse Ceiling Collapse

                                                photo by Frank Matzen

Middle Island New York 7-01-2014

Roof material fell from the ceiling of the Eastview indoor pool area on Monday

The good news is that no one was injured, the cause is yet to be determined.

This ceiling was repaired last year after leaking water from rain and snow.

   Tick Toc.....Be careful during tick season

                                                        by Diane Mueller

Those of us living in Court 20 backing hole # 7 have been "attacked" by large number of ticks. My husband Bill had called the office last week and was told the perimeter of the property has been sprayed. Unfortunately, this spraying seems to have sent ticks to the homes and golf course.

As of yesterday afternoon, one resident had one on his arm after playing golf; 3 dogs have had 2-3 ticks each; after working in her garden, one resident had a whopping 8 pulled off her body!

Bill has pulled off 5, one of which is being tested for Lyme. He himself is being treated proactively for the disease!

Birchwood Residents and neighbors, be aware!

Tuesday Morning Golf Course Maintenance

                                                         by John Daly

Just a Reminder….

As we all know, Vince and his crew are doing an amazing job with our golf course. But, in order to do so, he requires the golf course including the practice area to be closed until 12pm.

Please abide by his wishes. The ranger on duty will put out the sign-in book when the course is ready for play.

We thank you for your understanding.

          BSL Golf Guest Fees..... 2014

                                             Sent by John Daly, BSL Golf Committee

Please download and view the updated guest fees below for 2014 provided by the BSL Golf Committee.


Golf Guest Fees 2014-1.pdf


                 Download Police Activity Forms Below

                        Click on the link to view & print


Police Activity Reports.pdf

                   Dial 911 for Emergency....SCPD 6th Precinct Direct Line is 854-8600


        *  * VETERANS  CLUB  FLASH *  *

      Submitted by Frank Dapolito, President Veterans Club

The Veterans Club will return to its original scheduling that was outlined at the beginning of this year.  Dates of remaining meetings for 2014 are as follows: 

                     October 4th     December 6th

                    Please mark your calendars



           Attention Latin Dancers

                                                    by Pamela Frazier

Although meetings will not resume at Birchwood at Spring Lake for the Latin Dance Club, those who would like to continue to dance are invited to join me every Tuesday at 12:30 for a dance/exercise class at the Rose Caracappa Senior Center at the corner of North Ocean Avenue and Route 25A.

Those 60 years and older are eligible to attend this free class. For more information, telephone Pamela Frazier or email fraziep@sunysuffolk.edu. The center offers diverse opportunities for fun and educational activities.

   Birchwood Book Club Announcement

                                              by Marcia Attard

       Meetings are held the third Monday of each month Eastview Clubhouse  4:00-5:00 pm

                    Contact Marcia Attard 345-6285 for any further information

     Veterans Outreach Care Information

                                                           by Ed Handibode

VA care is now available at six locations in Nassau and Suffolk Counties!

Northport, Patchogue, Riverhead, East Meadow, Bay Shore, Valley Stream

Pre-registration is required.

Please Call: Community Relations Department: 631-261-4400  x7084/52507082
Enrollment assistance for new applicants

Update information for current users in VA Healthcare

New healthcare programs available to eligible veterans

Review medical benefits & eligibility

Please call 1 week prior to event.
Please bring a copy of your DD214 or Separation Papers

Your participation helps you & your fellow Veterans!



      Birchwood Snow Report-- 2013/2014


                         by Mike Habich

At the end of the season, all costs are added up and split according to the offering plan formula by all 733 residents for the next years snow assessment.

I have recorded all Birchwood snow events since 2006

Light Dusting               11/12/2013   Snow on grass only        No action needed

Light Dusting               12/8/2013    Snow on grass 0.50"       No Action needed

Light Snow Event         12/10/2013   Minor Accum. 1.25"        BSL Trucks Only

Snow to Rain               12/14/2013   3 inches Snow/Sleet      35 Yards Salt/Sand

Light Snow to Ice        12/17/2013   Minor Accum. 2.00"         Sand/Salt, OT & Ice Melt

Light Snow                 12/24/2013   Snow on grass & roads    Road salt & Shovel crews

Blizzard                      01/03/2014   Heavy snow 8-10 inches  Full road salt & shovel crews

Icy Roads & Courts      01/07/2014   Rain to deep freeze         Road and Court Salt/Sand

Icy Roads & Courts      01/10/2014   Rain freezing on surfaces Road sand & Salt crews

Heavy Snowfall           01/21/2014   Heavy accum. 12-14"      All crews will be utilized

Light Snow                 01/25/2014   Plowable Snowfall of 3"    Road, Salt & Shovel Crews

Light Snow                 01/29/2014   Plowable Snowfall of 3"    Road & Shovel Crews On site

Heavy Snow               02/03/2014   Plowable wet snow 8"      All crews utilized

Snow to Sleet            02/05/2014   Snow 3", to sleet to rain   All crews utilized

Light Dusting              02/10/2014   Snow 1.5 "                     Road & Shovel Crews

Snow/Rain/Snow         02/13/2014   Snow/Rain/Snow 9"         All crews utilized + Payloaders

Light Snow                 02/15/2015   Light Snow 2-4"             All crews utilized

Light Snow to Rain       02/18/2014   Snow 1-2"                    Hand Shovel Crews & Bobcats

Snow Flurries              02/27/2014   On and Off Snow            No accumulation on roads

Light Snowfall             03/02/2014   Dusting only .25"            Nothing spent. BSL Only

Moderate Snowfall       03/31/2014   Rain to snow 4"              No outside vendors. BSL Only

Light Dusting              04/16/2014   Rain to flurries                No outside vendors used.

Total # of snow events this season.........28

Total estimated snow in inches...............71.4


                       BSL VETERANS Tax Exemptions

                                                    by Frank Dapolito

New York State Authorizes Veterans' School Tax Exemptions:

Secretary Ed contacted the Assessor’s Office in the Town of Brookhaven regarding the information below and we were told the following: “The Town has approved the deduction and now it is up to the School District to say yes or no to the deduction.”  

Albany, N.Y. (AP) - New York's school districts can authorize partial property tax exemptions for military veterans under a new state law. The measure signed this week by Gov. Andrew Cuomo was effective immediately. Legislative sponsors say veterans already qualify for partial tax exemptions on municipal property taxes but have had to pay back the school tax portion.

The new law leaves the decision up to school boards whether to adopt resolutions to provide the exemptions. They include 15 percent reductions in assessed value for veterans who served during a time of war, another 10 percent for those who were in combat zones, and an additional reduction for service-connected disabilities. Sponsors say the fiscal implications remain to be determined.

Following is the Website



      Updated Clubs & Committee Listing

                           Click the link below to download and view the document


Clubs & Committee 2013.docx

                    Thanks to Linda Schulman of the BSL Management Office for this information

      Attention: Birchwood Snowbirds!

Please view the file below which contains the 2013/2014 Snowbird Information form for filing with the management office.

Save a trip to the office by downloading and printing this form and then drop it off before you leave for warmer climates.

Just click on the link to view and print.

Snowbird information sent by:

Linda Schulman, BSL Management Office

                                               Click Below To View The Form


Snowbird 2014



        LIPA Power Outage Information

Call LIPA @ 1-800-966-4818 to Complain


Well, I'm sure many of you are as frustrated as I am with the frequent power outages. I am doing everything possible to get this resolved for you but perhaps this is one of those times when all of us working together will have a greater impact.

So I'm asking each of you to please call LIPA every time you experience a glitch. The number to call is their Business Call Center at 800-966-4818. When you get the menu for services, press O for a representative.

Perhaps when this becomes inconvenient for them they will address the problem and resolve it.

Thanks for your support and for your patience with us as we address the resultant gate, telephone and pool issues caused by the outages. We feel your pain!

Nancy and the office staff

     Birchwood HOA Board of Directors

                                         Your 2014 HOA Board Members 

      Fran Gentleman .................................................................HOA  President
      Jean Crescenzo................................................................. HOA Vice President
      Bari Weiss.........................................................................HOA Secretary
      Pat Olson..........................................................................HOA Treasurer
      Kevin Mann, Bob Golden.......................................................HOA Directors

                                                   Appointed Positions

      Michael Habich........................................................Recording Secretary (Non Voting)

     Birchwood HOA Finance Committee

                                    Your 2014 Finance Committee Members

                 Michael Habich, Committee Chairperson , Diane Mami, Vice Chairperson

                  Richard Gerien CPA, Pat Olson, HOA Treasurer,  Ron DeRosa, Members



                 Gatehouse/Security Rules & Procedures

                                       Click This Link To The Gatehouse Page

                      Click the Link Below to Download, View and Print the Rules Booklet


Gatehouse Procedures Rev 04-05-12.pdf

            Gatehouse Permanent Guest List Official Form

                                    Click below to Download, View, Print the Form


Gatehouse Permanent Guest List Form 04-06-12.pdf




                "Clubs & Committees" directory available.

Click the link below to view and print a comprehensive listing of all clubs and committees put together
by Linda Schulman of our Birchwood management office.


Clubs & Committee 2013.docx


                   No Parking "Tow Away" Zones Being Enforced.

Vehicles left in the no parking zones in the community will be towed. It will cost between $140.00 - $150.00 for the tow charge and $25.00 per day for storage. Please obey all "No Parking" signs to avoid a costly towing bill.

 Illegally Parked Vehicles Towed By: A-1 Towing, Inc. 631-467-5544





        HOA "Rules & Regulations" Book

The Birchwood Board of Directors has prepared a new booklet that combines all of the current rules and
regulations that residents into one handy document. This booklet is available online as a "Go Green" option
and you may download the book here and save it your computer.

              This document provided by Jean Crescenzo, Birchwood Board of Directors.



Rules & Regulations Booklet January 2012.doc





     $10.00 pp BSL Residents Only

 Call Marge Rende for Info 205-0007- Click for Schedule


          Weather Forecast for BSL!

          Click link Below for this  feature!

           Weather Forecast-Middle Island 

         Detailed 3 day Forecast & Other Data...


           New Residents     Click Here!      (F.A.Q.) For Frequently Asked Questions Document!

                        Birchwood  "Owners Manual"
Rules & Regulations Below    


Rules & Regulations Booklet January 2012.doc

         Birchwood "Swimming Pool"  Rules & Regulations- CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD


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