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  Birchwood Forms Library & Downloads

                           Click on the links below to download & Print the forms as indicated


BSL Architectural Application


CPM Packet

  Census Information




Maximum Security Gate Form

                                 Maximum Security Resident Profile Gate Security Oct. 2015

Birchwood @ Spring Lake


                                        Submitted by Kevin Mann, Board President

In some ways it seems like just yesterday that Marcelo Lucero was murdered in a “bean jumping” hate crime in Patchogue.  The pain of that incident was rekindled for some by the Trump rally at the Emporium.  Elections tend to bring out the best and worst in people. Our board election is upon us.  Candidates have put their names in nomination in order to assist our community.  We know our candidates will be better mannered than the presidential candidates.  Please remember that the candidates and board members are volunteers like so many other wonderful people who sacrifice their time to assist our beloved Birchwood.  Let’s remember to treat all our neighbors the way we ourselves hope to be treated.  Please be sure to vote on May 11th. Your vote counts!

Our board members have met with Michael Loguercio-Brookhaven Councilman and Sarah Anker-County Legislator to improve our relationship with local government.  Birchwood has considerable political power which we hope to exercise.  In the future we hope to feature local politicians in our SLCN.  Speaking of local news, we are thrilled that the wrecking ball has hit the old K-Mart.  This effort was spearheaded by Councilman Loguercio.  Well done!  The Middle Island Civic played a very active role.  Please check out and attend the MICA website and meetings.  There are numerous potential plans for the property and we may call upon you to wield some political clout when the time comes.

Birchwood is the jewel behind the archway and 10% of the local population of Middle Island.  What we say, goes a long way locally.  Our community open house is coming up on May 1st.  Coach Realty is the sponsor of the day all at their expense.  The open house is for potential buyers and realtors.  The event is not for residents although many of your neighbors will be hosting at the Eastview and on the golf course.  Feel free to speak to guests about our second-to-none amenities.

The golf season is upon us.  The golf course is the crown jewel of the community.  While I am not a golfer, the course is a great source of community pride.  I have been asked to try golf here a number of times.  My fear is that my golfing will raise the glass insurance for those who live along the course.  All kidding aside, please use the course, bring guests to play and have fun. 

So what can you do to make Birchwood a better community?  Have a positive attitude, be kind and ponder doing a planned act of kindness.  One of our daughters-in-law Daphny has decided to give a daily thank you to the universe for the blessings of her life.  Each day she makes a paper flower (they are stunningly beautiful lotus flowers), attaches a note and leaves it in a public location.  Daphny will do this for 100 consecutive days.  Already she is receiving emails, calls and thank yous.  Others have followed suit.  This is merely one example of how each of us can affect minor positive change.

So let’s be the change we want to see in the community.

     Birchwood Real Estate Comparison

  How Owning at Birchwood Compares to Other Communities?

Want to see what the other communities in Suffolk County have and what you pay as compared to Birchwood at Spring Lake? Just click the link below to view a side by side comparison of local communities and what they offer and charge. Birchwood at Spring Lake continues to be a bargain loaded with amenities.


Community Comparison

                            Data complied by Tom Annunziato of Coach Realtors 631-331-3600

2016 BSL Golf  Schedule Now Available

                                Click this link to view the golf page and schedule

     Middle Country Road Paving Update

                          Sent in by Gail Lynch-Baily..... Middle Island Civic Association

Please reference the NYS DOT’s Project ID # for this repaving in all dealings with officials:  PIN 0809.60

The NYS DOT website now lists the Repaving Project as “Under Construction.”  Last month the site said “Contract Awarded.”  MICA is working with Eileen Peters, local DOT Outreach Coordinator, to confirm the actual start date for the Middle Island portion of this repaving project. That portion is to start from Rt 21 and go westward to Arnold Drive. We observed crews installing new storm drains on sections of MCR Rt 25 this week.  Is this proof that construction  has begun? Alas, apparently not, as the actual work will be done by an outside contractor, not DOT workers.

We also note that there is an extended completion date for the project of April 2017!!!!  We know there are several locations for  this repaving project throughout Long Island. We CANNOT wait this long for our section to be repaired.  It is dangerous and disgraceful that our Main Street is in such a miserable state of disrepair.


Here are some local DOT phone numbers to call: 952-6929... 952-6702... 952-6632

PIN 0809.60, the  Accelerated Paving Project  on NY 25 from CR 21 to 1.1 miles west of CR 21

Under the direction of Governor Cuomo, the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) is currently accelerating a project (Priority Resurfacing Contract, Various Locations, Suffolk County). This project will restore Route 25 from CR 21 to just west of Arnold Drive, which includes Park Lane. These revised limits were based on field investigations at the start of design

Read more at middleislandcivic.com    http://s453969799.onlinehome.us/mica/?page_id=2325

          Birchwood HOA Election 2016

Date: May 11, 2016, Day: Wednesday, Time: 7:00 PM, Place: WV Clubhouse

There are two (2) seats up for election, each for a 3-year term. Each seat is for a different class.

Class "B" Seat- Michael Prasad running Un-Opposed All residents EXCEPT THE 104 CONDO OWNERS can run for this seat and vote for the candidate.

At Large Seat– Fran Gentleman and Marty Filler are running for this seat. Voting is open to all 733 homeowners including condominium owners who can run and vote for this seat. Any unit type owner is eligible to vote and run for this position.

Meet the candidates’ night is scheduled for Monday, April 18, 2016 We suggest that you attend,
and have 1 question that you would like answered by those members running for the Board. We must
limit each owner to 1 question, so that all those in attendance get the same opportunity to have their
concern addressed.

             The Board encourages your participation and welcomes all interested owners.

Click the link below to download & view the CPM letter &resumes


BSL Election 2016

         2016 Snow & Ice Report.....Birchwood at Spring Lake

      2016 Snowfall Record Birchwood at Spring Lake HOA, Inc. Middle Island, New York

            Date              Description                   *Inches                    Vendor                       
 December 2015 No Measurable Snow      0.00           None Used   
 January 17th, 2016 Light Snow- Grass Only      1.00           None Used
 January 23rd, 2016 Blizzard-Long Island      22.50      Executive & Parkland
 February 5th, 2016 Heavy Snow      10.50     Executive & Parkland
 February 8th, 2016 Moderate Snow                  8.00     Executive & Parkland
 March 4th, 2016 Light Snow Grassy Area       1.00     Parkland Sand and Salt
 March 20th, 2016 Spring Snow Grass Only            3.00            None Used
 April 3rd, 2016 Spring Snow-Wind-Rain    Grass Only      Parkland Sand Roads

 *Coram-Middle Island Storm Data taken from the National Weather Service, Upton, New York or Newsday 

Birchwood HOA Board of Directors 2016

Kevin Mann, HOA Board Member, President

Bob Golden,  HOA Board Member, Vice President

Mike Habich, HOA Board Member, Treasurer

Diane Mami , HOA Board Member, Secretary

Fran Gentleman, Mike Prasad, Greg Alessi

HOA Board Members..........

    Birchwood Recycling Schedule for 2016

Click the link below to view and print the 2016 Re-cycling Schedule for Birchwood at Spring Lake

                                           Re-cycling Info.

          Birchwood Real Estate Report

                                                              by Tom Annunziato

Here is an interesting article on pricing your home or condo in an HOA community from Home Guides.

1.Ask two or three real estate agents for their input about the best asking price for your condo. Analyze their research to determine whether they’re courting your vanity with a high price to get the listing or speaking from a position that’s backed up with facts. Look at prices of homes sold over the past six months to get a realistic reading of the market. Find out how long it took the properties to sell and whether they had price reductions before selling. 

2.Read newspapers to gather information as to whether your community is
facing increasing or decreasing values. Determine if you’re in a seller’s or buyer’s market, and consider your personal timeline before setting the price.

 3. Research sold prices in your building or community on online real estate sites if you choose not to meet with real estate agents. Gauge your price on fair market sales rather than short sales or foreclosures. Ask
your building management what they know about recent sales and prices. Access your local property tax online portal and research your building or community for recent purchase prices.

4. Analyze the condo fees charged by your association and consider what they include, as a higher fee may lower the price of the unit; however, if the fee includes many amenities and payment of some utilities, it
won’t detract considerably. Hire a licensed property appraiser to give you an educated evaluation of price. 

5. Review your community’s financials as they determine whether government-backed funding can be used to purchase your unit. Ask your board if any upcoming assessments are planned, if the reserves equal at
least 10 percent of the yearly budget and what the ratio is between owner-occupied units and those owned by investors, as lenders need this information before approving a building for loans; the answers relate
back to your asking price and the ease with which buyers can get loans. 

6. Take into consideration your unit’s upgrades when setting a price, knowing they’ll not yield what you spent in return, but do set your property apart from others that haven’t been upgraded. Attract buyers with granite kitchen counters, stainless steel appliances and tile or wood flooring; laminate flooring turns many buyers away, especially in a unit that has extensive and expensive upgrades. 

7. Place an increased value on your unit if it’s a penthouse or has scenic views. Decrease your valuation if you overlook a parking lot, a busy, noisy street or a school playground or athletic field. Realize that
location within a building or community is as important as the condominium’s geographical location. 

8. Offer incentives like paying the association fees for six months to attract buyers. Agree to contribute to closing costs and mention that fact in your listing of the property.

So if considering a move or if you any hear that any family.friends or neighbors are,please call or email me anytime. Thank-you again.


Thomas J. Annunziato
Coach Realtors, 631-331-3600


     A Dreamers View....by Ed Handibode

                                 THE WORLD WE LIVE IN

Experience the power of a thunderstorm, the brilliant colors of a sunset, and the extraordinary order of day following night or spring following winter.  What about the leaves falling off the trees in the autumn?  How do all the rivers keep flowing?  That’s a lot of water!  Look at where the sun rises in the summer and compare that to where it rises in the winter.  Smell a rose, honeysuckle or a lily.  Why does the moon look so huge sometimes as it rises in the east?  Why do cows eat grass and tigers eat meat?  How can a tree grow out of a rock?  How far away are the stars?  How do fish breathe?  How do robins know where the worms are?  How do squirrels remember where they buried their acorns?  Why are there waves in the ocean?  What’s the story with the tides?


            Author Jim Ryan wrote the words that appear above in his book Simple Happiness.  Mr. Ryan is “fully alive,” to be sure.  He is certainly interested in living. 

Speaking for myself, I very often take these things for granted.  Ryan’s words do pique one’s curiosity, for certain.  


                       Birchwood Rules & Regulations

The Birchwood Board of Directors has prepared a new booklet that combines all of the current rules and
regulations that residents into one handy document. This booklet is available online as a "Go Green" option
and you may download the book here and save it your computer.

              This document provided by your Birchwood Board of Directors. Click the link below


BSL Rules 2015


       New Minutes Available Click Below

                                                            Minutes Online Page


    Get Your HOA Board Minutes On-Line!

                                                by Mike Habich, HOA Treasurer/Director

The Birchwood Board of Directors has approved distribution of the Board Minutes on this website beginning with the January 12th 2015 meeting. Birchwood Board Meeting approved minutes will now be published and will be available for viewing by Birchwood Residents ONLY by visiting the link below.

Online distribution will save both time and money and be an added convenience for Birchwood Residents to stay abreast of the issues discussed by their Board of Directors.

       All minutes are the property of the Board of Birchwood at Spring Lake HOA, Inc.

                                             Unauthorized use is prohibited.

                                       Click Here To Visit The Minutes Web Page


      Common Charge Mailing Information

As of February 1st, 2015, you will no longer receive a monthly bill from management. The HOA will be switching to a coupon book billing. All payments with paper checks will be mailed as follows:

                                                      Choice Professional Management, LLC
                                                      c/o Alliance Bank
                                                      PO Box 93573
                                                      Las Vegas, NV. 89193

Coupon books are being completed and will be mailed out at the end of January for the February payment.

                         For Bank Direct Pay and ACH instructions, download the form below:


CPM Packet

              BSL Work Order Procedure

The old procedure of filling out a paper work order in the clubhouse has been phased out and the paper work order books are gone. Please Email or phone in all work order requests to Choice Professional Management (CPM) at the phone number and Email address below. This will expedite the handling of your work order request and automate the process for tracking purposes through completion. 

  Phone in all work orders to : (631) 864-6006 or Email to BSL@ChoiceProfessionalMgmt.com


           Spring Lake Republican Club Adds Web Page

  Click the link below to be directed to the new SL Republican Club webpage

                                        Republican Club BSL____________________


                 Download Police Activity Forms Below

                        Click on the link to view & print


Police Activity Reports.pdf

                   Dial 911 for Emergency....SCPD 6th Precinct Direct Line is 854-8600

     Veterans Outreach Care Information

                                                           by Ed Handibode

VA care is now available at six locations in Nassau and Suffolk Counties!

Northport, Patchogue, Riverhead, East Meadow, Bay Shore, Valley Stream

Pre-registration is required.

Please Call: Community Relations Department: 631-261-4400  x7084/52507082
Enrollment assistance for new applicants

Update information for current users in VA Healthcare

New healthcare programs available to eligible veterans

Review medical benefits & eligibility

Please call 1 week prior to event.
Please bring a copy of your DD214 or Separation Papers

Your participation helps you & your fellow Veterans!


                       BSL VETERANS Tax Exemptions

                                                    by Frank Dapolito

New York State Authorizes Veterans' School Tax Exemptions:

Secretary Ed contacted the Assessor’s Office in the Town of Brookhaven regarding the information below and we were told the following: “The Town has approved the deduction and now it is up to the School District to say yes or no to the deduction.”  

Albany, N.Y. (AP) - New York's school districts can authorize partial property tax exemptions for military veterans under a new state law. The measure signed this week by Gov. Andrew Cuomo was effective immediately. Legislative sponsors say veterans already qualify for partial tax exemptions on municipal property taxes but have had to pay back the school tax portion.

The new law leaves the decision up to school boards whether to adopt resolutions to provide the exemptions. They include 15 percent reductions in assessed value for veterans who served during a time of war, another 10 percent for those who were in combat zones, and an additional reduction for service-connected disabilities. Sponsors say the fiscal implications remain to be determined.

Following is the Website



      Attention: Birchwood Snowbirds!

Please view the file below which contains the Snowbird Information form for filing with the management office.

Save a trip to the office by downloading and printing this form and then drop it off before you leave for warmer climates.

Just click on the link to view and print.

Snowbird information sent by:

Linda Schulman, BSL Management Office

                                               Click Below To View The Form


Snowbird 2014



        LIPA Power Outage Information

Call LIPA @ 1-800-966-4818 to Complain


Well, I'm sure many of you are as frustrated as I am with the frequent power outages. I am doing everything possible to get this resolved for you but perhaps this is one of those times when all of us working together will have a greater impact.

So I'm asking each of you to please call LIPA every time you experience a glitch. The number to call is their Business Call Center at 800-966-4818. When you get the menu for services, press O for a representative.

Perhaps when this becomes inconvenient for them they will address the problem and resolve it.

Thanks for your support and for your patience with us as we address the resultant gate, telephone and pool issues caused by the outages. We feel your pain!

Nancy and the office staff

     Birchwood HOA Finance Committee

                                                 Your 2016 Finance Committee

  Michael Habich HOA Treasurer,   Richard Gerien CPA,  Pat Olson,  Ron DeRosa, Members



                 Gatehouse/Security Rules & Procedures

                                       Click This Link To The Gatehouse Page

                      Click the Link Below to Download, View and Print the Rules Booklet


Gatehouse Procedures Rev 04-05-12.pdf

            Gatehouse Permanent Guest List Official Form

                                    Click below to Download, View, Print the Form


Gatehouse Permanent Guest List Form 04-06-12.pdf


                   No Parking "Tow Away" Zones Being Enforced.

Vehicles left in the no parking zones in the community will be towed. It will cost between $140.00 - $150.00 for the tow charge and $25.00 per day for storage. Please obey all "No Parking" signs to avoid a costly towing bill.

 Illegally Parked Vehicles Towed By: A-1 Towing, Inc. 631-467-5544





     $10.00 pp BSL Residents Only

 Call Marge Rende for Info 205-0007- Click for Schedule


          Weather Forecast for BSL!

          Click link Below for this  feature!

           Weather Forecast-Middle Island 

         Detailed 3 day Forecast & Other Data...



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